A man suffering from amnesia wakes up in a mysterious dystopian city stuck in time, tormented by visions and hunted by faceless persecutors, he sets out to find the woman who holds the keys to his past.


AfteNight takes us to a journey through the cinema of fantasy in an exploration of a life dipped in loss, a world articulately constructed from the blueprints of grief. Our protagonist George a theatrical director in his mid-forties finds himself in a dystopic mysterious time-locked city where nights is a constant, with no recollection of past events, alone, confused and persecuted he must traverse the city’s color-coded yellow, red, green and blue districts to find the woman of his visions and ultimately his reason of being in that dystopic landscape. In his efforts he will be both hindered and assisted by numerous characters ranging from the philosophically utilitarianly and cruel kingpin of the city’s underworld the BOSS, JANIE the bosses caring but hard-headed employee to the almost omniscient and fatherly CLOCK-MAKER.
He will also find himself hunted by the faceless men, the city’s de facto rulers, figures of black, lacking facial features, determined to wipe the collective memories of the city’s inhabitants. The protagonist explores the city’s innards, dark alleys where darkness seemingly devours reality, austere buildings of old, formerly opulent vice dens and a labyrinthine sewer system. While the protagonist journey’s through Dystopia he comes to realize that the locals aren’t the only thing living alongside him.
The city is a breathing organism, respondent to George’s journey, it builds itself up around him like some derelict and ill memory resurfacing into cognition. Throughout the movie the protagonist suffers visions of his past in the real world and his latest play which deals in the four stages of grief and might be the key to unraveling the mystery that’s besets him on all sides. George must come to terms with his past and what led him to the test or else he might find himself trapped in a place where time is naught.

Jason Tzavellas

Jason tzavellas was born in Athens at 1987. After his graduation he studied in the financial field both in Athens and London. Additionally, he studied games development at Thames university of London. Moreover, he had done studies to an annex of the university of Essex in the field of 3d animation and multimedia productions in which he had his first touch with the cinema. He shot a number of short films and his first feature film named Sotiria at the year 2011. He worked as a head director for “” after the completion of Sotiria shooting numerous shows. Since 2013 he is the CEO and head director of Thesis Productions.

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   Sotiria (2011) – IMDb

    Directed by Jason Tzavellas. With Lefteris Tsatsis, Lemonia Giannaridou, Nikos Karathanos, Nancy Maguire. The story of an ordinary couple and the redefinition of their relationship and their existence through their subconscious transition.