ABOUT 2Kfilms

2K Films was founded by George Kalomenopoulos as an independent production company with the purpose to produce and co-produce with international partners high quality films and documentaries of global interest. 2K Films aims to work with devoted Greek and foreign directors who share the company’s credo, which is to produce movies of global interest for a broad audience, as well as to develop and produce documentaries, shorts and features framed within the original and inquisitive viewpoint of their creator and relate to cultural diversity of the contemporary world.

Recent filmography includes T 4 Trouble and the Self Admiration Society a creative documentary by Dimitris Athyridis, supported by the Greek Film Centre. Official Selection of the 11th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in 2009. awarded with the 1st Prize for Best Documentary-LAGFF-USA in 2009.

Apart from Living in Sacred Islands, 2K Films is currently developing The Debt, a feature film to be directed by Takis Dimitrakopoulos, based on the script of Nick Faroupos. The script was presented in May 2009 at the Annual Meeting of the Eurovision Fiction Executives organised by EBU in Luzern, as well as at the Crossroads Forum in Thessaloniki. 2K Films is also co-producing with ERT SA the short film Black Tempest, a novel adaptation of The Sleepers by D. Mingos, to be directed by Nikos Kallaras. Filming is scheduled to commence in March 2011.